What’s your Ambition?

What Science Fiction can Teach Us

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Chapter 6: Borrow, Don't Just Follow In 2005 I discovered J.D. Robb's "In Death" futuristic series featuring Lieutenent Eve Dallas and her high-tech husband. Her creations of electronic paper and[...]

Some fishy inspiration

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Chapter 5: Dream Bigger In 2009 I spent a glorious summer in Paris, randomly recording my thoughts and pictures on Blogger. Many of us were exploring this blogging world. Most like myself did it[...]

Be your own Me.Inc

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Chapter 3: Question Yourself I loved corporate retreats. It was such fun to escape and spend a few days brainstorming with colleagues. Often we'd start with a SWOT analysis, a review of the busine[...]

Current Series:

Power of Why- small

When was the last time you asked “Why”?

  • Curiosity gives you the freedom to ask more and better questions, to challenge the status quo.
  • Curiosity drives progress, feeding new ideas into your creativity engine.
  • Creativity helps you design better products, improve business processes, develop innovative services.
  • 70% of your creativity is based on environment, attitude, mindset and exposure to enrichment.

Embracing your curiosity = more opportunities.


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