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Time for Reflection

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Last Sunday evening I pulled the blog post that was scheduled to go out Monday morning. Nothing was really wrong but it just felt flat. I am loving this book about Deep Work but it wasn't translatin[...]

The Power of 3 Choices

Last summer I crossed the border and after sedately exiting the customs area found myself merging onto a busy 4 lane highway. All my attention became absorbed with just trying to get safely into the f[...]

Is there truly any antidote to stress eating?

I hadn't realized it was raining until I dashed from the office to my car. Ugh! Then I made a wrong turn trying to avoid the traffic and ended up jammed right in the middle of the chaos. Grrr. [...]

Current Series:


Dr Wansick and team run a food lab where they test how different conditions affect how we eat.

His premise is that there is a mindless eating zone where we tend to consume either 20% more or less without thought.

His premise is that if you change some behaviours and environmental triggers you can slowly loose weight without having to count every morsel. Sounds good to me!

In this series I’ll share highlights from his research and recommendations.


Mondays I’ll send you content inspired by Mindless Eating.

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