What’s your Ambition?

Oh TV! Oh how I Love You!

Albert Einstein is credited with exclaiming “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results!". That's how I'm feeling about my weight loss this[...]

The Danger of Eating with Friends

I grew up in a farming community. Meals were of two varieties, fuel or family circle. Family circle dinners are a favourite memory, sitting around the table, eating pie, listening to the family fol[...]

Surely that can't be correct ...

I stepped on the scale last week and saw a number that wanted to make me weep. How did that happen? Honestly, that's the truth ... how did this happen? I felt I'd made decent food choices over the [...]

Current Series:


Dr Wansick and team run a food lab where they test how different conditions affect how we eat.

His premise is that there is a mindless eating zone where we tend to consume either 20% more or less without thought.

His premise is that if you change some behaviours and environmental triggers you can slowly loose weight without having to count every morsel. Sounds good to me!

In this series I’ll share highlights from his research and recommendations.


Mondays I’ll send you content inspired by Mindless Eating.

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